Measuring Love

I’m excited to launch this Brown Paper that Sammy Nuñez and I have written on Measuring Love.

Some of you know that when I met Sammy five years ago at a Sisters and Brothers at the Capitol, I was coming on board as the learning and evaluation partner to The California Endowment’s Sons and Brothers work. Sammy looked at me and said, “How do you measure love, Shiree, since that’s what we’re doing out here...” I sat with that question for five years, as it resonated powerfully in my heart and mind. Well, here it is. This is a conversation I hope you will dig into with us... and I’m honored to have you as my peer reviewers. Please view and download the file, and leave us comments! Look forward to hearing how this sits with you.

To be sovereign and free, our people need policies made of love,
forgiveness, and connections.
— 'Measuring Love' introduction

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