Dennis Smith, Esq.

Dennis' practice complements Shiree's by providing a data-driven, site-specific set of supports to social benefit organizations. 

Dennis is Destiny Arts Center's former Board Chair and is currently chair of its Finance Committee. 


Dennis received a Juris Doctorate from University of San Francisco after graduating from UC Berkeley with a BA in Legal Studies. Dennis brings over 20 years of legal expertise to help visionary leaders form legal entities and 501(c)(3) organizations, help draft and negotiate contracts, and advise on legal risk management issues.   


"You can tell a lot about an organization by looking at its financial reports."

Dennis has experience managing federal, state and local public and private contracts and grants, from $50,000 to $10M. He's able to give an unbiased assessment of organizational strengths and developmental areas through careful analysis of its financial reports. Dennis advises on financial regulatory compliance and financial systems.


Increasingly, social-benefit / non-profit organizations own or consider buying our own buildings as assets. Dennis has successfully helped three Oakland-based social sector organizations buy and renovate their buildings.  Dennis has also advised, planned and overseen the development of single family, low income housing throughout Oakland. It's not easy, but an important endeavor to own our futures. And, it can be done!

Contact Dennis if you have facilities dreams and needs.